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Shubham compressed bio

Shubham Sindhwani


Juris Doctor (J.D.), 
Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto

Bachelor of Arts & Science (B.A. & Sc.), 
McGill University, Montreal

  • Law Society of Ontario
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Ontario Bar Association
  • South Asian Bar Association

Hello! I am Shubham (pronounced, ‘Shoob-hum’). In case you were wondering, it’s a Sanskrit name that means good fortune. And it is my good fortune to have founded Chariot Law. 

Let me tell you my story:

I graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in the top 3% of my class and have worked at some of the top-tier national and international law firms on Bay Street in downtown Toronto. The long hours and complex nature of legal practice on Bay Street drilled into me robust professionalism, diligence, creativity and a strong work ethic. 

While helping numerous start-ups and small businesses, I fell in love with the excitement of having an entrepreneurial spirit.

And thus was born my vision for Chariot Law, a new-age law firm that is exclusively client-centric.

This means that I am dedicated to serving my clients in a manner that is fair, reasonable, respectful and transparent. I see professionalism and empathy not at odds with each other but as a pair of complementary skills that makes a lawyer not just a great legal professional but also a great legal service provider.

On the rare occasions when I am not immersed in my legal practice, I enjoy exploring the world and learning languages. A fun fact about me: I can speak 9 languages. Don’t be shy to ask which ones.

I look forward to connecting with you.


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