Why Chariot Law?

Dealing with the complex world of law and its unintuitive processes can feel like you are out on a war, as if driving a chariot all by yourself. But that does not have to be the case. Great wars have been won in the past with the assistance of expert charioteers who could take the reins in their hands and lead their chariots to success.

The vision for Chariot Law was inspired by this powerful metaphor. As your charioteer-in-law, we want you to sit back, relax and let us take the reins of your chariot, to lead you to legal success.

Our Core Principles

The following are our firm’s core principles and they guide us in ensuring that our level of service to you is at all times as promised:

We bring in the experience and expertise of ‘big law’ as a result of having worked at some of the best law firms on Bay Street. We take pride in our creative solution-oriented approach to create real value for our clients by recognizing their opportunity, risk and reward. Plus, we are able to work on short timelines and can quickly turnaround deliverables. Attention to detail is our magic ingredient and we are dedicated to maintaining our quality of work to be nothing short of excellent; frankly, we don’t know any other way of working.

The key foundation for a great lawyer-client relationship is trust. We understand that trust is earned, and we are therefore committed to creating a culture of honesty by staying genuine and straightforward in all our communications with you. We apply the golden rule of empathy in our practice and put ourselves in your shoes when working with you. In short, we speak your language, not legalese.

We understand that for some individuals and early-stage start-ups, legal services can be expensive. We are committed to working efficiently and offering transparency when it comes to billing. Your legal bill should not be a surprise to you. And so, while we do bill hourly for some of the more complex legal transactions, our customary practice is to provide flat-fee estimates and encourage clients to choose from one of the fixed-fee packages, so that you pay us for only the work you need. We offer a free 20-minute initial consultation over the phone to understand your legal issues and provide you with a flexible pricing arrangement that works for you.

We do not believe in sticking to unnecessarily rigid protocols but instead truly value the flexibility to work with our clients around their schedule and their different business practices. Is our office too far for you to drive to? Or are you stuck in bad weather? Or do you simply want to stay home with your family? We offer innovative and flexible solutions to communicate and interact with you, keeping your convenience in mind. Depending on the circumstances, we can meet you at your office, your home, a coffee shop, or simply over a phone / video call. In short, we are flexible and responsive.

In today’s digital age, technology is a powerful asset and we know how to leverage it to our clients’ advantage. Leveraging technology increases efficiency, lower your legal bills and gives you more time to do what you really want. As a technology-driven law practice, we constantly implement virtual tools to make your experience overall simpler, including cloud technology, video conferencing, digital file-sharing, online billing and electronic signing of documents. If you have ever considered having a virtual legal counsel, you have come to the right place (and that too without actually having gone anywhere).


Free 20-Minute Consultation

We understand that for various reasons, people sometimes shy away from reaching out to a lawyer. We want to make sure that costs are not among such reasons. This is why we offer a no-obligation free 20-minute phone consultation.  

Drop us a message and we will be happy to schedule a free 20-minute call to understand your concerns, provide initial advice as well as a reasonable fee quote for any further engagement you may require.

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